Coconut Flakes


Desiccated coconut is the dried and shredded white meat of coconut.  We use this in our TERRA EXFOLIATOR Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub as a wonderful exfoliating and moisturizing ingredient packed with anti-oxidants and fatty acids that provide nutrients for your skin.  Its fresh coconut aroma adds to the finished scrubs invigorating scent. 

Built in the heartland of sprawling coconut plantation in Luzon, which provide the continuous supply of fresh premium coconuts year round, the 13-hectare property is located about 100 kilometers south of the city of Manila, Philippines.

Here is where we source our desiccated coconut.  The plant was established in 1946 making it one of the first of a then young nation.

The property includes managers' residences, a hospital, and recreational facilities for its employees.

Since inception this farm has been socially conscious and more recently environmentally sustainable by actively supporting the local community with education & healthcare programs; including assisting the region's coconut farmers with social, environmental and economic development programs.

The process of making desiccated coconut has been perfected after decades of experience.   The coconuts arrive in the back of a truck from the plantations, these have already been stripped down to the shell.  They are loaded off the truck and independently separated before carefully being placed on a conveyor belt where they are now organized to be dropped into workers stations in manageable amounts.  These workers use saw-like machinery to remove the shell and leave a paper-thin layer of shell.  The coconuts are then passed over to another line of workers who remove the thin layer with a tool that simply peels it off.  It is impressive to watch how quickly these men and women can work with the coconuts.  After peeling, they cut it open and remove the delicious coconut water, what is left is a beautiful white ball of goodness!  They go onto another conveyor belt that drops them into a machine where they are sliced into large pieces, these pieces pass under a spray of fresh water before being examined by hand to be sure there are no pieces of shell left on them.  Finally they go into a shredder where they become the wonderful tiny pieces found in our scrubs.  The pieces are turned and dried before being packed into large kraft paper bags. 

The advances of technology have given our supplier the ability to produce large amounts of product that is used in the baking, confectionery, health and beverage industries. 

We are proud to be working with an environmentally conscious and fair trade provider who delivers top-notch product every time.